The Cabo Verde archipelago lies 500 kilometers from the west coast of Africa and 1,500 kilometers south of the Canary Islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This exotic corner of the globe is also called the Cabo Verde Islands. When it gets cold in the Northern Hemisphere, warm winds continue to blow in Cabo Verde, the sun shines and the popular islands of Boavista, Sal and Mayu beckon with their purity.

Visit luxurious beaches. Cabo Verde is still a new and poorly understood tourist destination. The archipelago is ideal for tourists who dream of resting away from civilization, from the winter cold and bustle. On the islands, the temperature rarely drops below twenty degrees, and during the season it is kept at around thirty degrees. The most interesting and exotic island of Cabo Verde is Sal. Near the town of Santa Maria, there is an eight-kilometer-long white beach, which is famous for its traditional Caribbean spirit. Here you can spend time from morning to evening. Towards the night, vacationers always dance to the fiery African rhythms.

Taste dishes of national cuisine. The most mouth-watering traditional dish in Cabo Verde is tuna with sweet potatoes. In any restaurant you will be offered dishes from freshly caught fish and seafood. Grilled lobsters are cooked on the shore. In search of new gastronomic experiences, be sure to try the national dish kachupa. This is a thick and very satisfying chowder made from white cabbage, crushed corn, tomatoes, pumpkin and sweet potato.
Visit Boavista Island. If you get tired of basking in the warm sun of Sala, head to another romantic destination — Praia de Chaves Beach, located on the neighboring island of Boavista. This beach has very fine sand, like powder. By the way, Bovista can only be reached by air. Small planes of a local airline fly here daily from Sala. A one way ticket will set you back about € 70 one way, but it’s worth it.

Visit the capital of the archipelago. Have you had a good rest on the local beaches? It’s time to go to the capital of Cabo Verde. This is the picturesque town of Praia, located on the island of Santiago. Here, you will enjoy walking the block of luxurious colonial-style villas or strolling through the old African markets. Their air is filled with very tart and sharp aromas of exotic spices and spices. Spices such as bay leaves and garlic, as well as coriander can be purchased in the markets as unusual souvenirs. Local women sell exotic fruits in bazaars — bananas, mangoes and papayas. The prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Marvel at the picturesque landscapes and nature of the archipelago. The nature of Cabo Verde is unusual and varied. For example, unusual lunar landscapes can be seen on the volcanic island of Fogo, which is located fifty kilometers from Santiago. It is very similar to Lanzarote — an island in the Canary archipelago. The peak of Fogo volcano reaches a height of 2,829 meters and is the highest point of the entire archipelago. Fans of outdoor activities should definitely visit the island of Santo Antan. It is the second largest island in the Republic of Cabo Verde. The winding trails of the hiking trails wind through dozens of gorges. Those tourists who walk along the steep walls should definitely expect a reward: grandiose views of the coast. Don’t forget to take your camera with you to take beautiful pictures.

Save money on the trip. The best way to get to Cabo Verde is with a transfer in Lisbon, Frankfurt, Madrid or Paris. Flight time is nine hours, not counting transfers. If you want to save on accommodation, but live in comfortable conditions, stay in Praia hotels in double rooms. Accommodation will cost 70–90 euros per day. It is most convenient to move between settlements on the islands by local minibuses.

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