Hungary is an amazing country, but few people consider it as a country for holidays with children, and in vain! Of course, there is no sea here, but there are a lot of other points of attraction:
– Lake Balaton is almost a local sea, stretching across the whole country with a lot of well-maintained beaches, resorts and water entertainment;
– Thermal springs;
– Ancient castles;
– The most beautiful cities are, first of all, Budapest;
– Panda parks and children’s attractions (they are everywhere);
– Nature reserves.

We will tell you about a small resort town, Zalakaros, which is primarily known for its thermal waters. The town is very beautiful:
– small, quiet and cozy-the houses are not higher than 3 floors;
– a huge offer for housing. Half of the city’s residents rent rooms or houses privately;
– moderate housing prices;
– it is convenient for walking: there is a forest park on the outskirts of the city, there are several playgrounds inside the city. One central one-there are usually a lot of children on it, and several “local”ones;
– for lovers of traditional resort life in the city center there is a fair with souvenirs, restaurants, there is a concert venue;

Not far from the city (within 20 km) you can visit:
– Lake Balaton – the largest lake in Hungary;
– a natural park where buffaloes live;
– panda park;
– Lake Maly Balaton with a bird reserve.

The main attraction here is the thermal complex “Granit”.
A large, well-designed complex consists of an indoor (year-round visit) and an outdoor (warm season) part. In summer, you can buy a complex ticket to both parts, you can only open it. Each of them is divided into:
– Entertainment zone;
– A relaxation area with thermal pools and saunas.

Saunas can only be used by adults, the other areas are accessible to everyone. However, there are also 2 saunas next to the entertainment indoor area, where children can warm up. The territory is large and green, everyone comes with their own sun beds and sometimes mini tents, you can bring your own food, you can buy it in local cafes and restaurants (there are many of them and the food is varied). In the open part there are swimming pools with slides and entertainment for visitors of different ages. Everyone will find something to do! There are also thermal pools, but children can only go to one (it depends on the composition of the water).

– family (2 adults + 2 children), in an open area or complex without baths;
– a complex for adult with baths;
– children outdoor or complex;
– adult in the open;
– evening for 3 hours at half price in all zones.

Zobori Kalandozoo Panda Park
There are many panda parks around Lake Balaton. One of them must be visited by children, and active adults, is the panda park Zobori Kalandozoo, which is located 10 km from Zalakaros.

Most of the entertainment is outdoors:
– Trampolines (large and small);
– Various shooting games and climbing games;
– You can climb up and push everything in a real tractor and excavator;
– Karting;
– Just super-slides on cheesecakes (from fairly calm ones to those that end with a jump from a springboard and landing on a huge trampoline!);
– A complex with closed slides, some of them not every adult can master!
– Mini Zoo;
– Rock climbing.

For the purchase of tickets, the scheme is approximately the same as in the therms:
– Family (2 adults+2 children);
– Children;
– Adults;
– Ticket for an accompanying person (for age 60+);
– There are tickets for the whole day, there are for 4 hours. They are also divided into:
– Basic;
– Advanced (depends on the set of selected attractions).

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