Austria is a great place to visit. The reason for tourism in this magnificent country is throughout the year. The number of tourists in Austria reaches 10 million annually. The country boasts excellent service and a large number of attractions.

Travelers go to see the beautiful, aesthetic capital of Austria – Vienna, visit the musical Salzburg and visit the Vienna Opera. Austria is known for its springs, picturesque lakes and ski resorts. It is a clean and ecological country.


Australia has a temperate climate. Summer is warm. It is warmest in the middle of summer. During the year, the temperature fluctuates from +20 in the middle of summer to -2 in winter. The temperature in the mountains reaches -15.


It is important to note that it is not possible to hail a street taxi in Austria. To order a taxi, you should look for them at special parking lots, which can be found at the airport or train station, or ordered by phone.

Places to visit

A large number of tourists go to admire the lakes of Carinthia. The water temperature in them in summer reaches 27 degrees.

No less attractive are the Salzkammergut – lakes with excellent views and clean air. There are always few tourists here, which will allow you to truly experience the beauty of Austrian nature.
In the center of Vienna is the district of the old city of Vienna, which has preserved the architecture of past centuries. Coziness, coffee houses and cobbled streets, which are definitely worth a visit when you are in the capital of Austria.

You should definitely visit the Vienna Opera, it is known all over the world. This is a wonderful building. Surprisingly, only two centuries ago it was criticized, but now, it is admired by everyone.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is probably the most famous Vienna attraction. The spire of the cathedral is more than 130 meters high, and it can be seen from almost anywhere in the capital. On the two towers of the cathedral there are platforms where you can admire the views of Vienna.

Austrian cities

Vienna is the capital of Austria. A large, beautiful, aesthetic city that will surprise any tourist with its architecture, beauty and cleanliness. In Vienna, you can find both old and new districts. Monuments of history and architecture, theaters and operas.

Full of beautiful landscapes, architectural monuments, the city of art, traditions and achievements, Salzburg will be a real discovery for every tourist. A city that is easy to fall in love with from the description alone.

Ski resort located in the Alps. Innsbruck is a city with a rich history associated with the Habsburgs. The city, where there are many ski resorts, will delight all tourists who love snowboards, skis and snow.

Austrian cuisine

In Austria, you can find a huge number of soups, meat dishes, as well as their variations. You can find a lot of pastries. Amazing Austrian pastries along with unique drinks, many restaurants, taverns, unique wine from local winemakers and much more will delight every tourist and gourmet.