78.4 percent of tourists who want to plunge headlong into the beauty of exotic nature choose Madagascar as their holiday destination. The bright malachite island, nestled close to the side of the African continent, amazes the traveler with its surreal landscape even when he is on the approach, on board: the red earth and lush green vegetation combine into such a heady and unusual color cocktail that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a gourmet from tourism or just an amateur do not taste it.

Tours to Madagascar are not cheap, flights are not short, but true fans of nature, tourists from God, do not pay attention to such trifles and completely compensate for them with the impressions that the island, generous with pleasant surprises, gives at every step.

The first surprise: a lot of endemic (that is, no longer found in any corner of the world) representatives of fauna and flora live and grow in Madagascar. Among them: famous cartoon lemurs, huge butterflies, snakes, birds, chameleons, famous baobabs. They are the main attraction of the most exotic of all exotic islands.

Surprise two: Madagascar is called a continent in miniature because of the motley variety of landscape, which is surprising for such a relatively small land area (587 thousand square kilometers). A fan of the desert will find the desert here, a lover of the jungle – the jungle, a fan of relaxation by the water – lakes and rivers in almost fabulous valleys. Mountains, extinct volcanoes, waterfalls of incredible beauty – Madagascar has everything in store for different tourist tastes.

Surprise three: even true fans of pristine nature sometimes want some benefits of civilization. Culinary, for example. Malagasy cuisine (Malagasy is the people inhabiting the island, after which he received his official name) is based on rice with additions in the form of vegetables, meat and fish. Dishes are usually spicy.

On the coast – an abundance of seafood, throughout the island – an abundance of fruits. What else is important to know: a visa can be issued before flying to Madagascar through the embassy, or directly on the island upon arrival. You can take a flight with a transfer in Paris. Flight time – 13-14 hours; before visiting Madagascar, doctors recommend that tourists take antimalarial pills for a certain time; hotels in the country are traditionally designated as stars.

But! Madagascar five stars in terms of service level correspond to European three. Although, according to the reviews of many tourists, they do not go there for comfort – for the opportunity to see, feel, learn, let this amazing real Madagascar through themselves.

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