Up to 40 thousand people go to Antarctica every year. What do tourists like and why do they visit this place? On a harsh land that has not been mastered by man, there are many secrets with interesting discoveries. It is pleasant to make a trip to Antarctica using a comfortable liner.

99% of the liners are sent to Antarctica from Argentina. From here, the closest way to get to the mysterious cold continent. In advance, you can see Tierra del Fuego with Cape Horn. The expedition duration of this trip is 9-40 days.

The ships go around the entire continent, showing and telling travelers about the features of the harsh land, and sail to Australia. Since the journey is fraught with some difficulties, tourists need to choose the right clothes, sports equipment. The tour operator will be able to tell in detail about what equipment should be and how best to prepare for the trip.

When booking a trip, you should make an assessment of the ship by studying:

  • the size of the ship with the number of passengers;
  • entertainment venue;
  • an expedition goal with the declared points of visit.

The price of the trip depends on the selected conditions with terms and service level. It is important to understand that the cost of departure to Antarctica is high, because it is expensive tourism. The cost is high, since such a route is fraught with a number of difficulties and the crew of sailors must make a lot of efforts to preserve the safety of passengers on the liner.

What is interesting about Antarctica?
It’s very cold in Antarctica. There is no summer on the continent, but the sun shines very brightly. There are no permanent residents due to the harsh conditions. However, the beauty of Antarctica is beyond description. The views of it capture and fascinate from the first seconds. Sailing past the ice rocks, which in the summer around the world collapse into the water with a strong impact, the spirit of tourists from the beauty and power of the elements captures.

The surroundings of the lifeless area are beautiful, fascinating. All shades of the color of snow are concentrated here. The continent is presented in white, blue and turquoise colors. Nature deserves special attention. A mandatory point of travel is a place where the ground is not covered with snow and there is no rain on it.

There are penguins with other unique marine animals. A number of trekking ice trails have been thought out. Scientific stations with wonderful excursions of scientists are organized. Before and after the adventure cruise, travelers have the opportunity to visit the countries where the ship stops.

As a result, the cruise is a complex journey, which involves some of the best navigators, talented scientists and extraordinary personalities. Such a journey contributes to the transformation of the soul. It allows you to leave indelible impressions in your memory and heart. However, the journey involves serious preparation, since Antarctica is a harsh land.

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