For the first time in a new country, every traveler probably wants to know the peculiarities of the national cuisine, try and appreciate traditional dishes. Arriving in Prague, falling under the charm of this magical city, you want to completely immerse yourself in its atmosphere.

Pay attention to the national Czech cuisine. What is she famous for? To begin with, it should be noted that in the national dishes of the Czech Republic you can catch notes of German, Polish, and also Hungarian cuisine. But despite this, you will appreciate its uniqueness and originality. Another feature that cannot but please is its huge, generous portion sizes.

In hot dishes, the main place is occupied by meat dishes. There are countless options for its preparation. Most likely, you will be offered the famous potato or bread dumplings for meat. On the menu you will definitely find the famous Czech “boar knee”. this dish is designed for a small company, and it is served, as a rule, on a small spit. Returning from a trip, on cold winter evenings, you will remember its wonderful aroma and unforgettable taste and will certainly want to return there.

Soup in bread is another dish that you should definitely try. Believe me, you won’t regret it. But, unfortunately, as experience shows, the traveler does not always have time for a full meal. In this case, sausages, sausages, “parks” help out perfectly. Walking through the streets of Prague, you can witness how Trdelnik is baked on an open fire. These are such rich rolls, which are generously sprinkled with powdered sugar and finely chopped nuts. You will recognize that Trdelnik is sold nearby by the alluring, warm, sweet smell of fresh pastries.

Naturally, you cannot visit the Czech Republic and not try the famous beer. It has become a kind of symbol of Czech cuisine. The choice of beer is simply huge, everyone will find something to their liking. In addition, you will be pleased with the relatively low price. In addition, almost every drinking establishment has its own breweries.

In general, there are a lot of restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars in Prague. You can safely enter almost any institution with the confidence that you will be served tasty and high-quality food, well served.

According to the rules of good manners, in Prague it is customary to leave 10% of the amount of the order “for tea” to the waiter. Sometimes this amount is already on the check. On average, a meal for two costs 15–50 euros. If you eat in a cafe, then a little cheaper – from 5 to 10 euros. You can buy a bottle of Czech beer from 1 euro.

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