Go diving in the caves just below Budapest, which are 7000 meters long.

Budapest is unique in many ways. This is a beautiful old city, which was formed by the confluence of three distinctive cities, each of which is different from the other and offers interesting sights to its guests. Budapest is the only capital not only of Europe, but of the whole world, which with good reason can be called a resort, since nature has endowed it with unique springs, right from the ground: 27 thermae, 13 of which are medicinal.

The cave complex in the Buda underground (Buda, east coast of Budapest) was discovered in the 19th century by the pharmacist Janos Molnar.

Molnar Janos Cave is a thermokarst cave system filled with water. It is located in the Rosesadomb district of Budapest in Hungary.

The deepest sections reach 100 meters, and the total length of the investigated sections is currently 5.5 km. The caves are just 200 meters from the Danube.

In 2008, a cave lake was discovered there with the largest chamber, approximately 86 meters long, 27 meters wide and 15 meters high.

For 200 years, 7000 meters of the Janos Molnar Cave, a flooded underground labyrinth at a depth of more than 80 meters, has been explored. Warm thermal springs constantly ooze through the soil at the bottom, cold karst waters flow down from the mountains – hence the different temperature of the water in the underground (from 23 ° C to 27 ° C).

How to do it?

You can go down to the cave only with scuba diving. If this is your first dive in your life, you better go through training at a diving school. Book your diving, ask the organizer for the exact meeting point – the ground entrance to the cave is on the banks of the Danube.

When you swim along the underground corridors, breathe regularly, do not make sudden movements and do not touch the walls of the cave with your hands – limestone can collapse even from air bubbles and stir up the water.

What is the price?
• Dive 40 meters (duration 50 – 70 minutes) – € 70 / person, € 60 / person for two, € 50 / person for three or more.
• Dive 90 meters (duration 90 – 150 minutes) – € 170 / person, € 100 / person for two, for three or more – € 50 / person + surcharge for a group of € 100.
Equipment rental is paid additionally.

Don’t touch the limestone walls of the cave – they can easily collapse.

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