Throughout history, mankind has been striving upward: the legends about Icarus, the Tower of Babel; wonders of the world: Lighthouse of Alexandria, Colossus of Rhodes. Someone wanted to rise to the sun, and someone wanted to see the Earth from above. To this day, one of the most visited attractions around the world are observation decks. We thought about what they are.

A new tourist attraction in Jasper National Park is a walk over an abyss on a transparent floor. The Glacier Skywalk observation platform is made in the form of an arc of durable glass and is attached to a 280-meter rock so that under the feet of tourists there is a void and a glacial valley lying below.

The observation deck Glacier Skywalk is made in the form of a glass arc on the Hunerkogel rock at an altitude of 280 meters.

The Glacier Skywalk Bridge is an attraction for fearless tourists who are bored with ordinary observation decks.

The bridge is made according to the ramp principle: it protrudes several meters above the abyss. But the main feature is the glass floor, which makes tourists tremble with fear and delight.

The angular shapes and rusty hues of the bridge mimic rocky ledges, and the glass surfaces resemble glaciers.

The facility is located on the Icefields Parkway, which passes 100 glaciers and scenic peaks.
The bridge is 4 hours’ drive from Calgary International Airport.

Since the observation deck over the abyss requires constant and careful maintenance, as well as checks of all engineering structures, a fee is charged for visiting it.
• $ 35 for an adult ticket
• $ 18 per child (from 6 years old to 15)
• and free for children under 6 years old

However, if you book in advance here, you can save money (adult $ 32, children $ 16).

You also have the opportunity to take a whole package of services – visiting the observation deck with excursions to local natural attractions. In this case, you can save a lot.