In the Indian Ocean, there are many islands that seem to be created for relaxation. Among them is the small island of Mauritius. A tropical climate reigns here, so tourists come here almost all year round.

This resort is mainly visited by travelers who love not only a beach holiday, but also want to do water activities. Mauritius is an ideal place for surfing, yachting, snorkeling and collecting shells found on the beach.

The island of Mauritius can easily compete with the best diving centers due to its stunning scenery and unique flora and fauna. You can also play golf and tennis here.

It is believed that the island of Mauritius arose after the collision of tectonic plates. At the same time, the activity of volcanoes caused the formation of the archipelago. And to this day you can look at the remains of the mountains that interest vacationers. They walk through overgrown tropical forests. The Rocky Mountains descend directly into the ocean and are surrounded by amazing coral reefs that scuba divers love to explore.

The western part of Mauritius is most suitable for recreation because there are sandy spits with white coral sand. The charm of landscapes and amazing rest make it possible to spend a vacation comfortably and usefully and recharge your energies. It is here that most vacationers go kitesurfing. Many families with children come here who love to ride the waves.
For fans of fishing, there are also excellent conditions for practicing their favorite hobby. There are many unusual and appetizing fish in the ocean. It, if you wish, can be prepared for you in a restaurant located nearby. Seafood is on the top of the Mauritius menu, and they are delicious. Sugar cane is grown here. A strong rum drink is produced from it, which can be tasted in a cocktail or in its pure form. In addition, beer is produced here.

This resort is a perfect place to spend your holidays sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the warm ocean waters.

On the island of Mauritius, SPA procedures are carried out. For this, marine plants are used. Here you will get peeling, hot and cold wraps, massages. The most popular Creole massage against cellulite. For this, massage oils and bamboo sticks are used, which are filled with grain. This procedure both tones and soothes.

Resting on the wonderful island of Mauritius, you will get a lot of bright and unforgettable impressions!