To get to this country, you need to fly over the Indian Ocean, which sets the tone for the weather in these places. On its majestic expanses, two monsoons are born, which from time to time come into battle, either capturing or vacating the conquered territories. The Maldives is just such a territory formed by coral atolls. When “Iruvai” comes here, sunny dry weather sets in, and “Hulhangu” brings clouds and rains with it. This almost does not affect the air temperature, during the day it stably keeps within the range of + 29-31 °C all year round. But on vacation it is still better to swim, sunbathe and indulge in other joys of life than to sit in a hotel and wait until the rain ends. Therefore, it would be more correct to carefully study the features of the weather in the Maldives in order to best plan the time of your stay here.

Dry weather in the Maldives is controlled by the Iruvai monsoon. He comes here in November, and leaves these places in April. We are used to considering these months as winter months, in fact, this is a real summer, which, probably, cannot be better! The thirty-degree heat is easily tolerated due to low humidity, the sea warms up to +27 degrees and promises heavenly pleasure, clear water, illuminated by the sun, reveals the amazing beauty of the seabed. All this attracts many travelers here from all over the world, when the high season begins, the best time to relax. It is better to plan a trip to the Maldives during this period six months in advance – it will be possible to buy cheap air tickets, and book exactly the hotel you want.

Timidly trying its hand in April, the wet Hulhangu monsoon in May takes over the Maldives completely. The air temperature drops slightly, the winds rush from atoll to atoll, dragging gloomy clouds behind them. Showers are becoming more frequent, they can go not only at night, as in winter, but also during the day. Humidity rises to 85%, stuffiness begins to be felt. The water loses its transparency – sea storms are not so rare at this time. In all other respects, there are no changes – the sea is still warm, the sun is gentle, and the sand is white. Hotels are starting to significantly reduce the prices in an attempt to attract tourists during the low season.

Although the Maldives are famous as the best place for a romantic getaway for lovers, there are also excellent conditions for families with children. Many hotels have extended family rooms, children’s play areas and pools, and provide animation services for creative or cooking classes, scuba diving, treasure hunts or boat trips with accompanying dolphins. For teenagers there are clubs that organize team competitions in water sports or computer games.

If you decide to relax in the Maldives in a way that suits you the best, then it is better to take care of choosing a suitable hotel in advance, and the natural conditions here seem to be specially created for that – safe shallow beaches, quiet lagoons, a mild climate and silky white sand. In addition, the concept of the islands is designed in such a way that normally one hotel is located on one island.

As you may have noticed, it is most profitable to fly to the Maldives between May and October. Low season provides inexpensive hotel accommodation. Reviews of tourists say that in summer you can have a very good rest, even despite the rainy season – fine days are not so rare and there is always something to do. In winter prices rise noticeably, but the climate is much better, which greatly expands the possibilities for a variety of entertainment. According to tourists, the best weather in the Maldives from January to April, these months will give the most wonderful memories of a vacation in this fabulous country.