Shambhala is a mythical state located in Tibet. The first mention of this settlement dates back to the tenth century. Despite its considerable age, this country still remains a mystery, fanned by ancient legends.

Shambhala is called a secret earthly paradise, the road to which is open only to the elite. Moreover, this area cannot be seen by a sinful person, only those who have a good soul and pure intentions can enjoy this beauty.

According to legend, it is in Shambhala that the secrets of the sunken Atlantis are kept, and the indigenous people are not ordinary people, because they can live for years without eating.

On the territory of the mythical country there is Mount Kailash, which cleanses from the sins of everyone who bypasses the sacred peak. At the same time, it is said that it is not easy to overcome this path, since its length is fifty-six kilometers, and the peak is located at an altitude of about seven kilometers. Believers are sure that the almighty god Shiva is meditating at the very peak of Kailash.

Many travelers from different parts of the world come to the mountain located in the Tibetan Plateau to cleanse themselves of sins and find peace of mind. By the way, dogs often become companions of tourists. According to rumors, dogs are people who were reborn as animals and now want to become bipedal again.

In addition, Egyptian pyramids and Mexican pyramids are located at the same distance around the sacred Kailash. Thus, it seems that this mountain is the central place where all the gods meet.
Yet, so far, Shambhala has not been discovered, it is still being sought today, but there are no direct facts of its existence.

Some supporters of the doctrine are sure that Shambhala is located not on the peak of the sacred mountain, but in the souls of believers, therefore it is pointless to look for this country on the expanses of the Earth, it must be discovered in oneself.