“Whoever has not been to Ohrid has not been to Macedonia” – this is exactly what the Macedonians say to tourists, inviting them to visit the resort town on the lake. The modern city of Ohrid is perhaps the most beautiful and most popular of all cities in Macedonia and the Balkan Peninsula. A huge number of tourists flock here to look at the local “pearls” of antiquity – ancient Orthodox churches that can impress even a non-religious person.

It is almost never cold in the city – it is located in the southeast of Macedonia. During the day, the temperature reaches only +12 degrees Celsius, and at night it drops to +6. It is best to go to Ohrid in summer or autumn – winter, most often in December, it rains heavily here, and the most dank periods here are February and January.

The greatest asset of the city is Lake Ohrid, which the Macedonians affectionately call the Pearl of Macedonia. The transparency of the water in the lake reaches up to 36 meters, which is only 4 meters inferior to the most famous Russian lake Baikal. Fascinating landscapes, amazing flora and fauna surround Lake Ohrid, luring curious tourists to admire the beauties of Macedonia.

The city has a huge number of places where there is something to see. Ohrid is full of ancient architectural treasures, the most popular of which is the church of St. Panteleimon, which became the first Slavic University. However, 800 icons painted in the Byzantine style brought her fame. The iconography of the church is one of the most magnificent and richest collections in the world – it is second only to the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Between Ohrid and Presla (still the largest lake in Macedonia) there is the national park Galicica, which is famous for the Magaro peak.

The height of this limit is more than two kilometers. There are three caves on the territory of the park, the names of which are not forgotten by any guide: “Will”, “Samotska Dupka” and “Naumova Cave”. The park is beautiful in itself – bewitching landscapes, the surrounding nature impresses with its views. In Ohrid, it will be nice to buy exclusive pearls, which are also called Ohrid beads.

Ohrid, as a city on the lake, is popular for its fish dishes. The famous Ohrid-style fish is very popular in any Ohrid cuisine. The incomparable taste of lake trout is emphasized by the red wine of sunny Macedonia “Alexandria”.

The most interesting thing is that prices in almost every establishment in Ohrid are noticeably lower than in the capital, Skopje. For example, in an ordinary summer cafe, you can spend no more than 9 euros for lunch. And an evening meal for two with alcoholic drinks will cost just over 16 euros.

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