It’s no secret that the islands of Thailand have an incredible magical power that attracts tourists from all over the world like a magnet. Here you can find everything from wild endless sandy beaches to the best hotels in the world with all imaginable services. The paradisiacal corners of Thailand will give an unforgettable vacation to everyone, it is only necessary to decide which island to go to. The most popular islands are Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui, it is here that the main flows of tourists are sent.

You can start exploring the islands of Thailand from Phuket, the largest island. Most of the beaches and smaller islands are located on the eastern side of Phuket.

It’s no secret that Phuket is very popular among those who like to soak up the sandy beaches and swim in the azure waves. Recently, due to the popularity of the island, it has become quite difficult to find a place suitable for a secluded holiday. However, such places are still preserved and they are concentrated in the western part of the island. In addition to the beaches in Phuket, there are several national parks that can introduce you to the amazing wildlife of the island. A distinctive feature of the largest island of Thailand is the vibrant nightlife. Tourists can visit the most unusual discos right in the open air, numerous bars and clubs, as well as incendiary parties. Fans of the underwater world should go to the south of Phuket, the small islands and the underwater kingdom there are ideal for diving and surfing.

Pattaya is perfect for fans of hyper-active recreation, there are clubs, bars and discos almost every corner. Of course there are beaches, but less clean than the beaches of the same Phuket, for example. However, you can find a quieter place by going to the neighboring islands. Pattaya is famous for its cuisine: from unusual Asian to high-quality French. On the island you can find restaurants with a very exotic menu, local chefs can offer dishes from crocodile, ostrich and very unusual seafood. Popular among tourists are the so-called “Irish Pubs”, where you can eat great Scotch whiskey. Even if Pattaya cannot boast of picturesque clean beaches, however, the rest on the island can be supplemented with fascinating excursions to colorful local villages, as well as go to the alligator farm and ride on the back of an elephant. Perhaps many people know that Pattaya is one of the permanent habitats of Asian priestesses of love, so it’s better for couples to go to other islands of Thailand, since there are a lot of them here and for the most different tastes.

The ideal place for a relaxing holiday will be Koh Samui, where the soul finds harmony with the surrounding world. It offers tourists all kinds of rejuvenating and revitalizing treatments, spa complexes, various kinds of massage and water treatments, fitness and yoga classes and much more that promotes relaxation of the body. The island of Phangan, located near Koh Samui, is considered a popular place among those who like to travel, divers and surfers will have a good time here, and this island will also reveal all the delights of the animal world: here you can visit a crocodile farm, snakes, ostriches and a butterfly park. Koh Samui, of course, is inferior to Pattaya in terms of the charms of nightlife, but there are also hot spots here. This island will be a wonderful place where you can forget about all the troubles and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of bliss and relaxation for a while.

The islands and resorts of Thailand have long and successfully won a place among the most popular and favorite holiday destinations, and the undoubted trump card of Thailand is the diversity and abundance of beautiful beaches and a decent level of recreation.

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