The beautiful country of Portugal, with its mild Mediterranean subtropical climate, is ready to receive tourists all year round. This state is located on the Iberian Peninsula and is washed by the Atlantic Ocean on both sides. The mild climate, warm water and generous sun have made the Portuguese Republic immensely popular.

As in most other countries, the summers are sunny and dry, but the ocean brings cool breezes that keep the sweltering heat away. The average air temperature does not exceed 27°С, and the water temperature is 20-23°С. Such climatic conditions, combined with magnificent sandy beaches, really serve as a guarantee of a quality and enjoyable holiday.

Naturally, in the summer, Portugal is very popular, but in the fall you can also have a good rest here. Wonderful landscapes in autumn take on a special color. Evening walks along the Portuguese streets and picturesque corners bring great pleasure. Winter in Portugal is rainy and cool, but the locals say that sometimes the temperature rises to 18°C.

It is also important that the Portuguese are very friendly and hospitable people. So there is no need to worry about safety and precautions in this country. Locals are happy to help foreigners, carefully and patiently listening to their “unusual” speech. We can say with confidence that this is a unique, amazing state that not only remembers and honors its traditions, but also skillfully combines them with a modern lifestyle.

Portugal is a small country, but its historical heritage is very large. Lisbon is not only the capital of the country, but also the main port and largest city. Porto is the former capital and one of the oldest cities, which is famous for the Museum of Port Wine and the old botanical garden. And in Braga and Quimbra, medieval monasteries, fortress walls and castles have been preserved. I must say that every corner of this country is fraught with echoes of ancient history and culture.

Despite its small size, this country continues to amaze tourists. Of great interest is the northern part of the republic, which is a picturesque city scattered along the coast. This green area is perfect for cultural recreation. Natural wealth, architectural monuments, the great history of the country, amazing hills and valleys, and, of course, the Lisbon Riviera – all this is concentrated in Portugal.

There are no wide avenues in Lisbon, and this has its own charm. The white cobbled streets of Lisbon are especially beautiful on sunny days. Many come here to again take a quiet long walk through these streets. The suburbs of Portugal are no less exotic and interesting.
Romantic Sintra boasts amazing palaces shrouded in fabulous greenery. And Cascais and Estoril – well-developed yachting, sporting events and the best gambling house in Europe. And the incredible beauty of Alentezh will charm you with snow-white houses with tiny balconies, picturesque landscapes, ancient castles with olive groves and stone age architectural monuments.

Having visited the southern region of Algarve, you should definitely lie on the amazing sandy beach for several hours, plunge into the cleanest ocean and do not forget to taste freshly caught seafood or grilled fish.

Don’t forget the Azores. After all, this is an ideal place for a secluded, serene holiday. Almost always in the Azores, the weather is warm and there are many exotic flowering plants.

It is here that the magnificence of nature, the delightful lagoon, and volcanic landscapes are combined with emerald water. These islands are suitable not only for a relaxing beach holiday and relaxing walks, but also for diving.

Picturesque landscapes, beautiful architecture and excellent service – all this is presented by amazing Portugal to its tourists. This is a country that commands the respect and admiration of all travelers!