The city of Sighisoara is a wonderful and beautiful place that every tourist must visit. It is a stunning resort town surrounded by centuries-old forests. In addition, Sighisoara was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

This city still keeps many ancient buildings and structures. As you approach the city, you can see the huge towers that used to serve as a fortification in Sighisoara. The city itself is located on a hill, and you can see how beautiful it is with the naked eye.

Sighisoara is famous in Romania and all over the world not only for its age-old and ancient buildings, but it is also believed that Count Vlad Tepes – Count Dracula was born and raised in this city.

Many people come here to see places wrapped in secrets and mysteries. A museum was created from the house in the central square, in which the count was born. Every visitor can visit it on any day. And next to the house-museum there is a monument to the well-known count.

But the most unforgettable journey will be a visit to the castle of Count Dracula. It is completely preserved in the same form and still terrifies all visitors to the gloomy castle.

The city of Sighisoara is famous for its attractions, one of which is the Sighisoara Tower. It is located in the central square, and its height is 63 meters. The most interesting thing is that the clock installed on it in 1648 still works and shows the exact local time. And every visitor can look at the clockwork through an invisible partition. Climbing to the very top of the tower, from the balcony you can see a beautiful view of the city – old churches, historic houses, streets. After all, the whole city is steeped in history and secrets.

Sighisoara retains the spirit of the Middle Ages, and the locals constantly maintain this atmosphere by organizing festivals in the style of the Middle Ages. Celebrations like this become a reason for city fun and thus lure visitors.

During the time of the Saxons, buildings were erected on a hill, which were surrounded by a high wall and 14 towers. Only 9 of these towers have survived, which can be visited by every tourist. At the highest point of the city – on a hill, there is a school and a church, which are considered the main architectural structures and visiting cards of the city. Over the past 150 years, a small church has turned into a Gothic structure, which is a large hall with a choir.

This city is considered an architectural landmark throughout Romania. Here you can buy various souvenirs to commemorate the visit to the city of Count Dracula. You can also stay in a hotel of any level.

Every visitor can visit the Museum of Medieval Weapons, the Orthodox Church in black and white, which is located across the river near the citadel. This church is considered the oldest in Sighisoara, which was built in 1797.

Having visited this ancient city, you can completely plunge into the past, at a time when there were knights, castles, and counts. Every street, square, church preserves the historical medieval culture. These are cobbled alleys, steep winding staircases, old buildings, towers, churches.

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