Here are the sights of Icmeler – photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular travel guides and is presented by type, name and rating. Here you will find answers to the following questions: what to see in Icmeler, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places of Icmeler.

City beach
Marmaris is one of the most popular and famous resorts in Turkey. The city beach stretches along the entire bay up to Icmeler.
Marmaris is located in a province called Mugla, in a place where two seas merge – the Mediterranean and the Aegean. This Turkish town is considered the center of yachting, the largest natural harbor in the world, and is also famous for its islets and blue lagoons.
On the city beach of Marmaris, tourists can take catamaran trips, water skiing, sailing. There are umbrellas and sun beds on the shore, but they are all paid, if they do not belong to the hotel. The main beach of Marmaris is not considered the cleanest, so all the guides advise you to go to one of the bays located in the vicinity.

Paradise Island
Paradise Island, also called Genet (Paradise Island), is a peninsula(Nimara) in the south of Marmaris.
A walk around the island begins with a rocky area that connects the island with the mainland – “Yabanci Bogaz”. On the island, in addition to the beaches, you can find the ruins of a monastery, caves that have survived to this day, a phosphorus rock, which, thanks to its amazing ability to reflect the depth of the sea, also received another name – Blue Rock.

Central square of Icmeler
Icmeler is located 7 km west of Marmaris in a small picturesque bay. Until recently, the resort was considered part of Marmaris, but today it is rapidly gaining independence, and there are more and more tourists here every season. The resort has a beautiful beach, framed by gardens leading to the hotels.
Icmeler got its name from the local mineral springs of fresh water (“Icmek” in Turkish means “to drink”), known since ancient times for its healing properties, useful for the digestive system.

Marmaris Marina
Marmaris-a port city and a district of Mugl province is the owner of one of the best marinas in Turkey. The Marmaris Marina is located 8 kilometers from the city center by land, and 2 nautical miles by water. The port, motor yachts, sailing boats and convenient location make this place ideal for a berth.
However, if you are not a fan of water walks, the surroundings will never let you get bored. Night clubs and bars, car rental, daily newspapers in various languages, a library and unlimited Internet access will make your vacation the way you imagined.

Kayabal Street
Kayabal Street goes directly to the beach of Icmelera Bay. This is the main street of the resort town, where its main attractions are concentrated.
The length of Kayabal Street is about 4 kilometers. It will take you to the sea through the gardens and terraces of hotels, open shops where trade is in full swing. In the evening, live music is heard from the doors of small cafes, inviting numerous tourists to look inside. Icmeler is a typical tourist town, you will not see the bright color of ancient cities and architectural monuments on its streets, but small houses and shady boulevards make it possible to walk in the evening and enjoy the comfort and charm of a small coastal town. Numerous hotel terraces and gardens leading to the beach are the main motif of the landscapes of Kayabal Street.

Icmelera Bay
Icmelera Bay is located on the Datcha Peninsula. Hills covered with pine trees, mineral springs flowing directly into the sea, and the ruins of an ancient monastery on an island in the depths of the bay made this place famous.
The beaches of Icmelera Bay are recognized as the best in the region, there are numerous clubs and bars here. This place is considered a major yachting center. The Kyzkumu sand spit divides the bay into two parts, giving this area a unique flavor. Divers can explore the local underwater caves, as well as examine the remains of ancient ceramics, which have been preserved in many places on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.
The beach near the settlement of Turunch received a “Blue Flag” – an award for the purity of the water and the quality of visitor service.
In the vicinity of the bay there are people whose fishing is connected with the sea – these are fishermen and divers who collect starfish. The sea whimsically connects the past and the present in the landscapes of the bay of Icmelera.

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