Hungary has recently become more and more popular among tourists. It has an eventful history, evidence of which can be seen everywhere on the territory of this Eastern European state. Another important feature of holidays in Hungary is the opportunity to take a wellness course at one of the spa resorts.

Hungary has a large number of springs with healing thermal water. Procedures using mineral water are favorable for the treatment and prevention of a large number of diseases, among which diseases of the joints, muscles, cardiovascular system, and women’s diseases can be noted.

Also, treatment with thermal waters has a general healing effect on the human body.
Hungary is popular as a tourist destination due to its relatively low prices. At the same time, the level of service and services meets all the highest European quality standards.

People come to SPA hotels in Hungary at different times. The most successful season is from mid-spring to late autumn. Meanwhile, it is especially profitable to undergo treatment in winter, as the influx of tourists decreases, and prices are significantly reduced.

The cost of a seven-day tour package with accommodation in a 4-star spa hotel, along with meals, treatment, and a visit to the excursion, will cost about 500 – 600 USD. e. This is significantly lower than in other European countries. In France, for example, the same package of services will cost 1100-1200 euros.

Additionally, you can save money if you live in a lower rank hotel. It should be noted that 3-star hotels also offer good quality services. If you choose half board, this will also significantly reduce the cost of the trip.

You can get to the resort by bus or train, while the price of the tour will be much reduced. It is possible to visit one of the health resorts in Hungary for little money, if you do not postpone the solution of the problem to the last moment, but take care of booking a hotel and buying tickets in advance. Thrifty Europeans do just that.