Ritsa is the most beautiful lake in Abkhazia, surrounded on all sides by mountains, which in turn are covered with dense forests. It is located at an altitude of about 950 meters above sea level. Six rivers flow into the depths of this lake, including Lashipse. Yupshara is the only river flowing from the Ritsa.

Tectonic processes gave rise to this miracle. Due to fossil rocks in the form of porphyrites and limestone, the bottom of the lake is formed. The length is two thousand meters, and the deepest point reaches 150 meters. In August, the water temperature reaches +17 +20 degrees Celsius.

And the water never freezes in winter. The transparency of the lake reaches 8-10 meters, this is an incredibly beautiful sight. The color of the water, bluish-greenish, makes it attractive, it is impossible to look away. The only species of fish that lives here is the brook trout.

The climate definitely depends on this lake, the role of the second one is quite high. Clouds in bad weather, passing directly over the surface of the water surface of the Ritsa, create a rare and amazingly beautiful natural phenomenon. This happens due to the fact that the winds collide and form such a miracle.

The mountains surrounding the lake have an important historical mark. In ancient times, the locals of this region walked along the paths located along the Atsetuk pass. The height of the mountain giants guarding the chambers of Ritsa is from 2200 to 3200 meters above sea level.
The tourism industry is doing quite well in this region. Those who come to see this miracle of nature have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of its shores by riding catamarans.

Mr. Stalin’s dacha is also open to the public; the picturesque surroundings do not need advertising. Cafes and restaurants offering local cuisine will surprise tourists with their variety. Dishes from trout caught in the waters of Ritsa and a glass of local wine will satisfy tourists.

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