Among the numerous tourists, Portugal is not particularly in demand in terms of recreation. Although tourists can relax at the best cost. The main tourist routes do not run through the cities, but lead to the coast. There, travelers can see the sights of the state. Tourists are offered various tours. Sports tours are considered especially popular, although there are plenty of historical places in Portugal.


A fascinating and sought-after place in Portugal is the mouth of the Tagus River. But there are many beaches where it is no less pleasant to spend your time. The resorts of the country are located in this zone and are distinguished by attractive, picturesque places. Behind the beaches, tourists can go on a hiking tour along the rocky shores and pine groves. Algarve is the main feature of the country and the most visited place.

Winter resort

Portugal is considered a beach country, but ski resorts are also well developed here. There are many different trails on the side of the Sierra range. The country’s ski resort is perfect for tourists with different backgrounds.

Health resorts

There are several dozens of thermal zones in the state. The most popular are: Geres, Kaldas, Chaves. The thermal waters of these areas help in the treatment of the digestive system, obesity and diabetes.


Choosing for yourself a tourist trip to this amazing country, you can choose several options at once. A trip to Portugal will be full of constant moving, although travelers will be able to enjoy all the beauties of the country.


Having gone on a summer vacation to Portugal, at first it is worth exploring its traditions and all the privileges. The rest will become unforgettable if beginners listen to the advice of other tourists. Most cafes close at 22.00.


Unusual beauty and comfort during an active and relaxing holiday is guaranteed on the beaches of the country. Here any requests and needs of customers are satisfied. In the resort area of ​​the Algarve, tourists are ready to meet all year round. In a word, there are plenty of beach places in the country. Luxurious hotels and private houses that can be rented for personal recreation will brighten up the leisure of any fussy. Exotic nature in anticipation of new vacationers.

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