Among the countries ideal for holidays, Tunisia occupies one of the first places. Anyone can verify this by purchasing a tour to Tunisia. Located on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, colorful and many-sided Tunisia is ultra-modern hotels with the highest level of service and a huge number of historical and architectural monuments, magnificent white sand beaches and warm azure sea, the scorching sun of the Sahara and the coolness of oases, the aroma of jasmine and the exciting smell of oriental spices.

Tunisia was a resort back in the days of ancient Rome, but in the modern world it began to be popular only in the eighties of the last century. In record time, many hotels and inns were built in this country, and one of the factors attracting tourists was the rich historical and cultural heritage.

Tours to Tunisia are various options for recreation: beach, sightseeing, wellness, etc. Vacationers can sunbathe on the beaches, go diving, ride yachts and windsurf.

Wellness tours include courses of the best thalassotherapy in the Mediterranean, treatment with mineral waters. Educational tours are visits to museums, fortresses and forts, thermal baths and ancient temples. In addition, tourists can go on a jeep safari, visit the medieval perfume market, which still sells incense, buy souvenirs and various high-quality goods at an affordable price in numerous shops.

The magnificent resorts of the Mediterranean coast offer their guests comfortable rooms in hotels and hotel complexes, restaurants with national and international cuisine, shows and festivals, excursions and trips.

In addition, tours to Tunisia include a visit to the Sahara and the city of Douz, known for its respect for traditions. You can also visit the “Sahara festival”, see the famous date groves, numbering more than eight hundred thousand trees.

Tours to Tunisia give a huge amount of impressions, unforgettable memories of staying in an amazing fairy-tale country. So if you have the opportunity, be sure to visit this country. After all, trips in this case are relatively inexpensive, and this is important for many travelers.

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