The Dead Sea, so called because of the salty waters that make it impossible for fish and plants to live in it, is a hyper-saline lake located about 420 meters below sea level. This is the lowest point on the planet. The climate of the Dead Sea is unique and has a therapeutic effect known to doctors all over the world.
Due to the relatively high oxygen content in the air, the high concentration of minerals in the sea and the nutritious black mud, the Dead Sea is one of the best areas of climate therapy. Given the unique characteristics of the climate, it is warm here all year round, and a tan on the Dead Sea is healthier, thanks to reduced ultraviolet radiation.

What is treated at the Dead Sea
Treatment at the Dead Sea in Israel is ideal for rheumatic and joint diseases, respiratory diseases, as well as skin diseases such as vitiligo, ichthyosis, eczema and psoriasis. It is the treatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea and the amazing results that can only be achieved here that have made the Dead Sea a world-famous health resort. Reviews of treatment at the Dead Sea are always positive, because this place is a unique combination of climatic advantages and cultural places where you can have a good rest and have fun.

The best time to treat specific diseases:

  • Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (from the end of March to the beginning of June / from September to November).
  • Atopic dermatitis (from March to May / from September to November).
  • Vitiligo (from April to October).
  • Ichthyosis and acne (from February to May).
  • Scleroderma in the initial stage (from April to June / September and October).
  • Parapsoriasis, for example, lichen planus (from January to June / from September to November).
  • Fungal diseases, focal alopecia, papular urticaria, uveitis (May-June / September and October).
  • Cystic fibrosis (from November to March).
  • Respiratory diseases (from October to March).
  • Rheumatic and orthopedic diseases (from February to the beginning of June / from September to December).

Proven results of the therapeutic properties of the Dead Sea

  • Maximum efficiency.
  • No side effects during or after treatment.
  • The onset of improvement, even in severe cases.
  • Complete healing of skin lesions in most cases.
  • Long-lasting effect.

What is the cost of treatment at the Dead Sea
The price for treatment at the Dead Sea for a period of one week starts from $ 350. Depending on the level of the receiving institution and the direction of treatment, the price may differ. It should also take into account the intermediate costs – the cost of flights, excursions, entertainment, food. In addition, when calculating how much treatment costs on the Dead Sea, it is not superfluous to include here the transport costs for traveling by local transport and by taxi.

Our recommendations
Before going to the Dead Sea for treatment, it is recommended to consult a doctor to check what medications can be taken in combination with Dead Sea Spa treatment. Most doctors at the Dead Sea will recommend that you limit the amount of medications you take to the most necessary ones. For example, you should avoid using corticosteroid creams and stop using them at least four weeks before treatment, as reactions with salt water may occur.

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