If you plan your trip to the Czech Republic correctly, you can get the most incredible impressions from this trip.

After all, the Czech Republic has a very rich cultural heritage, amazing nature and unusual national cuisine. And even despite the fact that this country has a far from southern climate, you want to return to it every time.

In order to travel around this country, you must first obtain a visa and book a hotel or hostel room in advance, otherwise you may not be allowed to enter this country.

Travelers can either travel by train or bus, or combine the two modes of transport together. Of course, you can get into the country by arriving by plane, but such a means of transportation will be much more expensive, albeit faster.

Housing prices in the Czech Republic are very diverse. You can find very cheap options and options for sophisticated and rich people. In an average three-star hotel, you can rent a room for thirty euros per night with all the amenities that come with it.

You can stay anywhere. Even in season, there is a free room in any hotel or hostel, even near thermal springs. But it is still advisable to book rooms in advance, so you will save even more.

While in the Czech Republic, you should definitely go on an excursion to Moravian Karst, Loket, Cesky Krumlov and Czech-Saxon Switzerland. It is possible both with a group and on your own to go to the city of Liberec. This city is worth seeing.

The main miracle of the town is Mount Ještěd. You can go on foot, rent a bike or climb on a cable car. When you get to the top, you see a magnificent panorama of the Jizera Mountains and a futuristic building that houses a hotel and a restaurant.

In Liberec you can get a lot of impressions, there is a water park, a zoo, a botanical garden and many monuments of ancient architecture.

However, you will also experience pleasure if you visit other Czech cities. You can also go to Karlovy Vary and Mount Kutna on your own.

There are a lot of museums in the Czech Republic that have free days. For example, in Prague there are a lot of such museums – this is the Prague Castle Gallery, the National Gallery, the Sternberg Palace, the House of the Black Madonna and many others.

While in the Czech Republic, it is undoubtedly worth trying the local national cuisine, which is not very expensive, and tasting the famous Czech beer and pastries.