The capital of Estonia is Tallinn. Throughout its development, the city had many names: Kolyvanya, Lindanise, Revel. Today, there are many opinions about the origin of the word “Tallinn”. With complete certainty, we can only say that the root “-linn” is translated as “city”. But what does “tal-“- so no one knows. Tallinn is characterized by a northern climate. This is a seaside city located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Ülemiste lake is a peculiarity of Tallinn’s location (geographically). This is the main source of fresh water for the people of Tallinn.

Estonia has a distinctive culture, which is clearly expressed in folk art. This includes needlework, knitted, ceramic, wooden products, sweets, marzipan figurines and Tallinn bread. Tallinn loves guests and is always ready to welcome any travelers. The national cuisine of Tallinn is similar to simple village food: potatoes, chops, dumplings.

Fans of exotic cuisine will be pleased to know that the menu of restaurants includes dishes from around the world. Here everyone will take something informative for themselves. Those who love night parties can dance in the city’s nightclubs, while those who want a quiet rest and relaxation can visit different spas where they can enjoy various facial and body treatments. The Old Town is the historical center of Tallinn.

You can walk around this part of the city for a very long time and at the same time learn something new about it all the time. Here is the oldest temple in Estonia – the Dome Cathedral. Tombstones of the 13th-18th centuries are carved here, as well as this is the burial place of the famous Russian navigator I.F. Kruzenshtern.

It will be interesting for tourists to visit the medieval town hall, as well as the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (the largest Orthodox cathedral in the capital). In the Maritime Museum, you can admire the expositions, and also look at the observation deck. Another interesting place is the Rocca al Mare Museum, which presents an open-air collection of Estonian farm architecture.

Of the parks, it is worth visiting the Danish King’s Garden, and for kids, the children’s park with the cheerful name Miia-Malla-Manda will be interesting. Also famous is the Tallinn Zoo, which includes more than 350 species of animals. Within Tallinn, you can spend an informative time in the Lahemaa National Park, the small town of Paldiski, famous for the ancient sea fortress of Peter I, and also visit the islands of Aegna, Naissaar and the Viismi peninsula.

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