The issue of shopping worries many tourists. After all, it’s nice not only to relax and look at the sights, but also to take with you a piece of the country you visited. Therefore, many absolutely rightly ask the question, what can Andorra offer as goods? This question is very easy to answer.

Here you can buy absolutely all consumer goods, including the latest innovations in technology and electronics from major international manufacturers: mobile phones (smartphones and accessories), computers (laptops, tablets, etc.), audiovisual equipment (cameras, cameras, TVs, etc.). etc.), appliances and other gadgets that make everyday life easier.

The luxury sector is also very well represented, whether in the area of ​​fashion clothing and fashion accessories (women’s and men’s watches) and jewelry from well-known manufacturers. The beauty field also has many international representatives. Therefore, it will be very easy to find cosmetic products here (creams, cosmetics kits, etc.).

Naturally, Andorra is a dream country for athletes of all stripes. The range of sportswear and accessories, including skis, is very large in the windows of stores specializing in skiing or mountain sports.

Andorran stores have everything – from children’s goods to musical instruments. Here you can buy high-quality and healthy food – from cheese to meat delicacies, as well as various agricultural products.

Due to the numerous organized commercial events, winter is the perfect time to shop in Andorra. Among those not to be missed are Valentine’s Day in February and Father’s Day in March.

Sales In Andorra, as elsewhere, there are seasons of discounts. This usually happens in summer and winter. At Christmas time, you can buy any goods at a very favorable price. And many tourists know about it. Therefore, they bring home a lot of valuable things and souvenirs. If you want to buy inexpensive goods, it is better to come here in the middle of the discount season. At this time, prices have time to drop to 60-70%.

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