Going on vacation, every tourist wants to bring with him something that will remind him of a pleasant time.

In addition, we must not forget about the many friends and relatives who are waiting for gifts. Hungary is a wonderful country for a holiday. Here you have the opportunity not only to see local sights, get acquainted with traditions, but also significantly improve your health with the help of thermal waters, in which the country is very rich.

What can you bring from this beautiful country. It should be noted that Hungary is not the best place for shopping in Europe. Here you can buy clothes and shoes of excellent quality, but these will most likely be products of local craftsmen who have nothing to do with global brands. Therefore, you should pay attention to souvenirs.

Handmade clothes are brought from Hungary, which are distinguished by their uniqueness. These are tapestry jackets, blouses and shirts made of natural materials. Interior items made by hand are also popular. Among them are bedspreads, tablecloths, napkins, decorated with lace and embroidery. Hungarian porcelain is famous. Leather goods, such as a bag decorated with national ornaments or shoes, will be a wonderful souvenir. Separately, it should be said about culinary delights and wines. The well-known Pick salami sausage and goose liver are brought from Hungary.

Hungarians love paprika. This is a hot pepper that is added to many dishes. A jar of paprika will be a great souvenir or gift. It will also remind you of the unforgettable days spent in Hungary.

Sweets in this country are popular. First of all, it is marzipan, a confectionery product made from sugar with the addition of almonds. You should not only try, but also bring delicious sweets from their marzipan mass with you.

Hungarian wines have a pleasant taste and aroma. The country has its own vineyards. Such wine as “Tokay” or “Bull’s Blood” is well known to connoisseurs of this drink. In addition, wine shops offer a variety of herbal tinctures and local palinka vodka.

Traveling to Hungary will give only positive emotions, and small souvenirs from a hospitable country will once again remind you of the carefree days spent there, give you a great mood and become a good gift.

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