The Eiffel Tower is a kind of cliche, but also a legendary building, recognized all over the world and adored by children. You can walk up to the first and second levels by steps (you will need to overcome only 1710 steps) for a purely formal fee, or you can take the elevator to the second floor if you are traveling with young children (or elderly parents who suffer from dizziness or do not feel very well). On the second floor there is a second elevator that will take you to the observation platform, located at an altitude of 276 meters.

If you desperately want to get to the top, but the queues, which can be intimidating at the height of the season (imagine standing in line for two hours or more), discourage you, then you can “cheat” by booking a table at the restaurant “Jules Verne”, located at the top, and to which a private elevator leads. This is a place that is more suitable for a chic or romantic dinner, but: the height of 95 meters on the first level is more suitable for families with children.
Here you will be offered a menu for children (booking a seat in advance is the first necessity that will lead you to the front of the elevator queue), and there are also a lot of snack kiosks on the first and second levels.

The Louvre, a large, awe-inspiring palace, from the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo to the modern glass pyramid outside in the courtyard. Make inquiries about personal guided tours for families with children, or about a workshop program for children 4 years and older.

Directly from the Louvre, you can go to the Tuileries Garden, filled with sculptures, carousels and donkey rides. Another popular destination is the Luxembourg Gardens, on the left bank of the Seine, where there are many 19th-century statues, including statues of various queens and other famous Parisian women around the pond. The fountains of the garden make it a refreshing place on hot summer days, and you can watch the locals play bowls, chess and bridge, as well as watch a show in a puppet theater.

The Bologna Forest. Located in the eastern part of the city, infamous as a meeting place for transsexuals in the evenings, but a great place to walk in the daytime, especially through its Acclimatization Garden (Jardin d’Acclimatation), – an amusement park where you can get on a small motorized train from the Porte Maillot Gate, while visiting many interesting places and trying out play equipment (including a “magic river” with a waterfall, trampolines, a hall of mirrors and frogs), looking into a puppet theater, a mini zoo and farms with pony rides, gardening workshops for children and a “Museum in the Grass” or a “Growing Museum” with changing exhibitions of applied manual creativity and scientific achievements, as well as with workshops for children.

Stay at the hotel. Regardless of whether you want to stay in the center of Paris or wish to live closer to Disneyland Paris, there are many accommodation options for families with children. Many hotels have suites that combine both freedom of movement in their own living space and the ability to use all the amenities of the hotel. For example, the hotel “Clarion St. James”, which is a 3-minute walk from the Louvre, and contains a heated indoor pool, a menu for children and excellent baby-sitting services, the hotel “Pavillion de la Reine”, the hotel “Hotel St. James & Albany” or “The Victoria Palace”.

In Paris you can book your day trip with a professional or a private guide in English