Do you dream not just of a trip, but of a real and fabulous adventure? Feel free to go to one of the major Czech cities – Prague. Rest here will not seem boring and monotonous to you!
The history of the city fascinates with its mysterious events. Almost every building in the historical part of the city here is associated with some significant achievement or personality. By the way, the city is divided into districts that used to be separate small towns: Stary and Novy Miasto, Mala Strana, Vysehrad and Prague Castle.

Zlata Prague, as the locals call it, is in the TOP-10 of the most popular cities in Europe for tourism.

And for good reason! There is something to see here: St. Vitus Cathedral, striking with its architectural design; the famous Charles Bridge and the Jewish Quarter; Prague Castle; the historical complex of Old Town and Old Town Square. But along with the monuments of past centuries, there are more modern installations and structures, for example, the dancing house!

Accommodation for tourists

In Prague, the most comfortable conditions for tourists have been created: there are excursion bureaus, parks, and, no less important, there are many hotels with a developed infrastructure.

What else is interesting?

In addition to a large number of monuments and significant structures, you can pay attention to various exhibitions, festivals and concerts. Prague is not just the capital of the Czech Republic, it is also the cultural capital of Europe: the most famous works of artists are brought here, well-known musicians and artists come here.

On warm summer evenings, you can go to cozy restaurants and cafes along the Vltava River. Here everyone can taste Czech cuisine. Pay special attention to breweries. Since ancient times, Czech beer has been appreciated for its excellent taste.


The climatic conditions are favorable. A temperate continental climate prevails. Summers are warm, but rainy, and winters are mild and snowy.

Spring months are considered a good time to travel to Prague. It is at this time that the capital wakes up from the winter cold.

Day Trips & Excursions in Prague