Blue Mountains of Jamaica

There are a million reasons why Jamaica is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Caribbean. In Jamaica, modern hotels provide luxurious and comfortable accommodation with world-class service. Luxury hotels will surely tempt you to stay and spend your days relaxing on the beaches or by the pools, dining in restaurants. But the most amazing sights of the island are in the open air, away from comfortable hotels.

The island boasts white sand beaches, clear and clear river waters, vast expanses of plains, high mountains, and a greater variety of flora and fauna than any other island in the world. All this includes 252 species of birds (27 of which are found only on this island), 200 original species of orchids, 500 species of ferns and approximately 50 species of corals.

The locals are warm and friendly people, always ready to help you explore the many cultural and historical sights of the island. Gourmets will be delighted with the local cuisine and the taste of the local Blue Mountain coffee, which many specialists have rated as one of the best coffees in the world.

However, there are the real Blue Mountains – these mountains are located in the north of the lush “Kingston” jungle, and are a favorite vacation spot for nature lovers and adventurers, including hikers, cyclists and bird watchers. The jungle can be almost impassable and dangerous for inexperienced hikers in places, so if you have a map or guide book, it’s best to take the safest and easiest route to the mountains.

Listed below are some of the activities to look out for when visiting the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. Luxury hotels, beautiful beaches, incredible landscapes, delicious national cuisine and an abundance of adventure – this island has it all!

Visit Holywell National Park of Culture and Recreation

The National Park of Culture is located in the Blue and Raven Mountains. Its trails pass through rugged terrain and you will be able to observe rare animals and unusual plants along the way. You will be able to see a local species of hummingbird and an unusual and rare swallowtail butterfly. Do not worry about the lack of civilization in the very center of the island, luxury hotels are nearby.

Bicycle tour of the Blue Mountains

There is no better way to experience the beauty of the Blue Mountains than to shake up all your senses by riding a mountain bike.

Not only will these trips give you amazing sights, but you will also enjoy the scent of the rainforest with ancient trees, flowers and ferns, and the breeze will bring you the aroma from nearby coffee plantations. You can also cool off and splash in the waterfall before heading back to your hotel.

Excursion to the coffee factory

Do you like blue mountain coffee? Then you should definitely visit the local coffee factory, which is located in the town of Mavis to the northeast of Kingston. The 1-hour tour will give you an insight into coffee from planting to packaging. We also advise you to buy several packs of coffee here, as nowhere else you will find a more aromatic and tasty drink than in Jamaica.

Happy travels!