The most important state of America may be small in size, but simply huge in terms of the number of bright, noticeable sights. In essence, Delaware is unknown outside of the US East Coast, which is good news for travelers looking for an inspiring combination of nature, beaches, and friendly towns that can be reached within an hour. Many are tired of the bustle of Baltimore and Philadelphia.


Delaware is indeed a popular holiday destination for tourists and locals alike. It is a city of five beaches, each with its own character, where you can enjoy the sand and the sea in summer. Inside is the Brandywine Valley, home to the highly popular tourist attractions Winterthur Manor and Longwood Gardens. As one of America’s earliest colonies, Delaware simply cannot fail to show tourists the charm of cities of colonial history, such as Lewes and New Castle.

Delaware’s mild, rolling topography makes it suitable for biking, walking, and other common outdoor pursuits. The land is also ideal for golf. Rivers that flow to the sea, such as the Brandywine River, are popular for swimming and fishing. And of course the ocean has some of the best deep sea fishing in the region.

Brandywine River

The sea also supplies the wonderful seafood that tourists love in Delaware. Nearby is the Chesapeake Bay, which is why so often fresh crabs become the highlights of the menu. But Delaware likes to save all the good things for last, so expect a fun nightlife scene set up somewhere nearby – more craft beer and live music on the beach than pulsing energy in a nightclub.

Chesapeake Bay

The inhabitants of the main state are extremely friendly, but there are many reasons for this, in particular because the atmosphere there is calm, imposing, and the scenery is amazing. And visitors will love it too, especially when they realize how good the accommodations, dining, and drinks are.

Longwood Gardens

The Delaware, along with the main cities of the East Coast (such as Philadelphia, Washington, which are only an hour away), can be attributed to the most traveled routes on the coast. It is possible to walk between the beaches and valleys in a day, but a car will help more with this.
Delaware does not have an airport, and thus most tourists fly to international airports in Philadelphia (30 minutes drive from Wilmington) or Baltimore (1 hour, 30 minutes drive from Wilmington). Shuttles easily take you to the main tourist cities from those neighboring states, especially from the Philadelphia International Airport. In other cases, you can rent a car and come to Delaware on your own.

Philadelphia International Airport


• Entertainment in the beach towns of Rehoboth, Bethany and Dewey.


• Experience colonial America in the historic center of New Castle, Delaware’s main capital.

New Castle

• Excursions to the unusual massive gardens of Longwood and the Brandywine Valley.

Winterthur Manor

Visit to Winterthur Manor, a real palace in the heart of Delaware.