Italy is rich in natural landscapes and on its territory there is enough space for beautiful ancient cities, and unusually attractive provinces, and comfortable beaches on the coast, which is abundantly lit by the sun and caressed by the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas. Each region takes into account history, culture and traditions, and cities and provinces have developed their own distinctive “self-consciousness”, in which the values ​​​​and characteristics of Italian life have been established.

Abruzzo town

The regional division of Italy is three geographical zones (north, center and south), and the largest region is the island of Sicily.

Italian regions where natural beauty delights

Abruzzo – the region of the power of the mountain air of the Apennines and the coastal beauty of the Adriatic
Campania – an unusually exotic region of Italy
Liguria – a flourishing region where the sun shines all year round

The mountain freshness of Abruzzo, the exotic of Campania and the fabulous beauty of the flowers of Liguria

Abruzzo is a very picturesque region located on the Adriatic coast. This place is considered the greenest area in Italy due to the many national parks and reserves. Maiella is such a beautiful name for the mountain peak of the Apennines, and the Gran Sasso d’Italia represents the highest part of this mountain complex.

Abruzzo nature

The Apennines are a great place to relax at any time of the year. The sunny coast beckons with a beach holiday, which here, for a change, can easily be supplemented with excursions along mountain trails and mountaineering. This region is famous for its fresh air and pristine nature, and on the Adriatic coast there are beach resorts that guarantee excellent sunbathing and pleasant swimming in warm sea water in the summer season.

Quiet sea, varied cuisine, many places with thermal springs, breathtaking views of mountain peaks are the main reasons for the huge influx of tourists. Alba Adriatica is a very attractive resort in the provincial territory of Teramo. Included in the list of the most environmentally friendly and prestigious resort areas in Europe.


Campania is considered almost the most exotic and beautiful region of Italy. And the whole reason for the unique surrounding atmosphere and beauty is the Mediterranean climate, which creates favorable weather in a picturesque corner, where it is comfortable and warm all year round. Terrible volcanoes, the hot summer sun and an abundance of rain in the autumn-winter period created unique features of the relief of this area and nearby small islands. Most of the territory is hilly, and the rest of the expanses are occupied by picturesque mountains.

Campania beauty

The coast is strewn with many cliffs covered with Mediterranean vegetation, and the area called Capo Polinuro located here is famous for its beautiful sandy coast. Tourism in this area of ​​Italy is well developed and is the main resource of a prosperous region. The main local attractions are the beautiful islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida, the ancient city of Pompeii and the majestic Vesuvius.


The beaches of Campania are the exotic Italian South, where you can enjoy a wonderful and comfortable stay. And the whole reason is in the inherent purity of nature here, in the charm of the kingdom of corals (they make excellent souvenirs) and the beauty of the bays.


Liguria is a tourist region with cozy beaches and delicious cuisine offering seafood dishes. A very pleasant humid climate prevails here, allowing the growth of rich vegetation covering the entire coastal area. For the past hundred years, the local hotel hospitality and excellent service have been appreciated by many generations of tourists. In a small area there are many interesting places chosen by tourists for an unforgettable vacation in the atmosphere of eternal spring and beach summer.

Liguria sea beauty

The largest city in the region is Genoa, where there are many palaces, and along the coast of Paradise Bay there are many excellent beaches. Cinque Terre is the name of a beautiful national park of beautiful provincial nature with unusually clean and attractive sea beaches (Monterosso is the most visited in the province of La Spezia).

Liguria sea

More than sixty happy people live in this wonderful country, enjoying the Mediterranean climate and the beauty of an unusually picturesque nature. It also contains many regions where the beauty of nature delights and encourages to visit them again and again.