You will be surprised when you find out, but in one of the most powerful countries in the world, namely Germany, the most popular means of transportation is a bicycle. Although it is not surprising that practical Germans prefer healthy, free, highly enjoyable and non-polluting transport. There are practically no disadvantages of using this vehicle.

Absolutely in all German cities and other settlements, all conditions have been created to use a bicycle. You are not afraid of traffic jams and traffic lights, special bike paths have been installed especially for you, well, what a pleasure. And with the purchase of a reliable raincoat, adverse weather conditions will no longer frighten you.

Thanks to this mass use of bicycles, in Germany there are special rules that will help you not get into trouble. Of course, you need to move along the bike path, specially marked for this, having a special coating that protects you from slipping, and in general is very comfortable for cycling.

In the absence of a bike path, which rarely happens, it is allowed to move along the carriageway, of course, observing all the rules and heading in the right direction. Honestly, a cyclist has the right to travel on any road, with the exception of autobahns, subject to all traffic rules.

However, if you ride on the roadway, ignoring the presence of a bicycle path, then if there is a traffic accident, all the blame is on you. And you understand that fines in Germany are high. If you use the bike path and follow the rules, then nothing threatens you.

Probably, another disadvantage will be the inability to carry luggage or some things necessary for study/work. But I don’t think it’s really a big hurdle. For girls, the inability to wear high-heeled shoes or a dress will become an obstacle, and if you can grab shoes for a shift, then you are unlikely to change your dress in the middle of the city. So for special cases, you will have to use alternative transportation options.

But all this fades when we talk about the advantages of cycling. And pedantic Germans, like no one else, understand all the advantages of this method of transportation.

But if you don’t lice cycling, you can always rent a car