The island is famous for a very pleasant and mild humid tropical climate. From the translation, Vanuatu means “Eternal Land”, although once the famous Captain Cook, who saw one of the islands from the ship, enthusiastically called it a Sandwich, and why, no one knows now. In order to have time to see everything, you will be offered to fly from island to island, where you can look around from 20 minutes to 1 hour. The same Sandwich has a second name – Efat.

Its capital is Port Vila. Gorgeous beaches can be found in Espiritu Santo. One of them is White Songs. An island with wonderful sandy coves – Epi. The most famous of them is the beach in Lamen Bay, which has transparent white sand in the northern part, and black volcanic sand in the southern part. A walk on such a beach is a real exclusive.

For trekking and traveling, Aneytyum Island is perfect, which is formed by the peaks of two volcanoes that are under water.

You can admire the beautiful waterfalls, forests and landscapes on the mountain slopes of Inrerou-Atamuan. You can take a walk and enjoy the fresh air in plenty on the island of Eromanga. Under the sandalwood trees, you plunge into a cloud of delight and joy. The locals call Ambrym Island the “island of secrets”, because it is here that the array of volcanic lavas and basalts is located, everything looks like before the beginning of time.

Near the Marum volcano, you can see an extraordinary sight – the world-famous “Pele hair” – strands of volcanic glass that weave around the slope, turning it into something special. What surprises all tourists is that the locals on the island of Gaua use the boiling lake Letas to cook a variety of food.

Visiting the friendliest volcano on the planet, the crater of which is located on Mount Yasur, is the most favorite entertainment of visitors, because you can go to the edge and see the boiling lava. For diving, a great place will be Cape Million Dollars, which was so named because of the dumping into the ocean by the American military after World War II of weapons, machines, machine tools and more.

The beauty of wildlife can be admired in Big Bay National Park. There are all kinds of orchids, plants and birds here. If you decide to bring home souvenirs made of coral or other natural materials. Then first you need to get a permit from the Department of Fisheries, otherwise they will be confiscated. A visit to Vanuatu will turn into a fairy tale, because only nature itself can create so much beauty!

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