The Pacific Cook Islands attract lovers of a tropical maritime climate. It is especially hot here in January, so people come here who want to celebrate the New Year by swimming in the ocean, drinking exotic cocktails, sitting under a palm tree.

The archipelago includes fifteen islands, but the islands of Rarotonga and Aitutaki are the most suitable for tourism. If we talk about Rarotonga, then this is the largest of the islands, offering a relaxing holiday.

If you wish, you can visit a variety of nightclubs and cabarets, restaurants and discos. You can diversify your vacation by going to museums, the library and the market.

Still, the island is most interesting for its picturesque mountains covered with jungle, dense thickets of ferns, coconut palms and groves of citrus fruits. As for the beach, it is strewn with the finest white sand.

Aitutaki boasts a beautiful lagoon surrounded by clear water, which is home to many species of fish. From sharks and big waves, the island is protected by reef formations, so vacationers can enjoy a carefree holiday splashing in warm waters. Tourists here go diving, exploring the underwater slopes, replete with canyons and caves. Also here are engaged in sport fishing, surfing, catamaran trips.

The Cook Islands provide an opportunity to get acquainted with a variety of folk crafts (including pearling), take helicopter rides, and visit the wild tropical forest. The islands are also attractive for speleologists.

Both amateurs and experienced speleologists can study underground galleries. Of course, here you can ride bicycles and go hiking. The best routes are Ikuranki Track, Track Island Cross Rarotonga, Walk Mountain Pa.

Best beaches in Cook Islands