A wonderful country where you can enjoy stunning mountain landscapes, cool clean air and cozy small streets. This place is truly wonderful, especially for lovers of extreme sports, because Switzerland is simply teeming with various ski resorts.

Rest in the local Alps in winter is considered the best in the world. Lots of snow, impeccably finished trails, comfortable hotels, excellent cafes and restaurants.

All horizons open up for sports lovers in terms of skiing, snowboarding, even sledging, you can also find skating grounds and, most surprisingly, under-ice diving, where you can enjoy the underwater world while under a layer of ice.

In summer, the Alps of Switzerland, first of all, attract with their bewitching mountain panoramas. But everything is not limited to landscapes. It offers tours on bicycles or walking tours in places that have not seen roads laid by cars, and it looks truly wonderful.

While in Switzerland, you should definitely visit the “Italian” part of the country, namely Bellinzona, which the locals call the city of three castles. After all, there is an architectural ensemble of defensive structures that were built to protect the mountain passes. Each of these buildings is beautiful in its own way.

Castles are considered almost the only examples of medieval fortifications. Here you can admire the scenery from the observation platforms on the territory of the most ancient architectures, walk along the long city wall of Murat, which goes down the hill, and inside there is a tunnel with loopholes, or even take a walk inside the walls.

Switzerland is often called “the country of mountains and lakes”, so the love of every person will definitely conquer any body of water in this place, which is distinguished by its extraordinary beauty and mirror-like water.

Geneva Lake is the largest in the country, it fascinates with its open spaces and deep pure color. Closed from all winds by mountains, it turns into a quiet comfortable place that takes you to a fairy tale. And in the water, as if in a mirror, you can see the reflections of the sky, green landscapes, vineyards, which adds mystery and enchants the heart.

Traveling in Switzerland will suit even the laziest. After all, trains and buses with huge panoramic windows are offered here. You can sit in a warm comfortable carriage, savor the wonderful local cuisine and at the same time enjoy the beautiful scenery.